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Enrollment process


Welcome to POUCH


Please download the forms from our PDF links and bring them with you or send these to us previous to your first day at Pouch.

These documents are:

1. Child's Record

2. Emergency Medical Authorization

3. Immunization & Physical Examination Record Form (Signed by physician or health official)

4. Policy for the Administration of Medications 

5. Liability Insurance Declaration

6. Provisions for Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan

7. Information for parents

Along with these documents, you must bring a copy of your child's birth certificate and a booster or car seat in case of emergencies.

Also, we are required to update their data when the child turns 6, 12, 18, 24, and 48 months.

Please note that we are required by law to have this information of your children, otherwise they cannot join us at POUCH unfortunately.

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