• What are the qualifications of the Pouch Caregivers? 
       18 years or older, 3 years or more of childcare experience, CPR/FIRST AID Certified.
  • Do I have to bring lunch for my kid?
       Yes, a nut free lunch must be provided. Please include a water bottle & snacks.
  • Is there a special place for the kids to take a nap?
       Yes, we do have a special room for them to rest, separately from the play area.
  • How many kids at the time are playing at Pouch?
       Our average number of kids playing is between 6 to 9 kids.
  • What's the average age of kids playing at Pouch?
       Average age is between 1 to 3 years old
  • How many adults take care of the kids while playing at Pouch?
       our rate is 4 kids per 1 adult
  • Is there a time minimum for a "Pouch on the go" service?
       4 Hour time minimum for all  "Pouch on the go" services.​
  • What is the cancellation policy for a "Pouch on the go" service?
       Must cancel 72 hours (working days/no considering Saturday & Sunday), before the event date for a 20% refund of the quoted childcare price (not including the down deposit. This Fee is non-refundable). If a client cancel after the 72 hours refundable period a refund will not be issued. 
  • What are your rates and fees for a "Pouch on the go" service?
       There is a non-refundable deposit fee for each event. Your deposit fee locks in your date and time. Every event is unique, the client will receive a quote for the total price once all details of are known. There is also a 3% cc fee for each transaction. Your payment must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the event date. 
  • Will the "Pouch Caregiver" bring activities?
       Yes, "Pouch" will provide the activities, games, music and more.
  • Can I make a reservation directly with the "Pouch Caregiver"
       No, any service provided by any Pouch employee must be booked through POUCH.
  • Is there a Payment Deadline for any of the Pouch Services?
       Yes, for any childcare service provided at POUCH Play space, your payment MUST be done prior to your visit or at the time of your visit. 
For any "Pouch on the Go" service there is a payment deadline usually 2 weeks before the event. However, if the date and time of your booking is in high demand your payment deadline will be adjusted.

    Important Additional Information


    Water activities are NOT permitted. (bathing, boating, swimming)


    Our Pouch Caregivers are available Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

    Reservations may begin as early as 8:00am and/or may begin as late as 4:00pm, minimum 4 hrs required to book a

    "Pouch on the go" service and a maximum of 8 hrs per event.

    Our Pouch Caregivers are able to accept a gratuity in cash if you feel that you were extended exemplary service.


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