• What are the qualifications of the Pouch Caregivers? 
       18 years or older, 3 years or more of childcare experience, CPR/FIRST AID Certified.
  • Do I have to bring lunch for my kid?
       Yes, a nut free lunch must be provided. Please include a water bottle & snacks.
  • Is there a special place for the kids to take a nap?
       Yes, we do have a special room for them to rest, separately from the play area.
  • How many kids at the time are playing at Pouch?
       Our average number of kids playing is between 4 to 6 kids.
  • What's the average age of kids playing at Pouch?
       Average age is between 1 to 4 years old
  • How many adults take care of the kids while playing at Pouch?
       our rate is 4 kids per 1 adult
  • How many tasks can I ask my personal assistant to do during my time reserved? 
       No more than 2 in person tasks (drop off-pick up goods/meals, wrapping presents, grocery shopping) 
       and/or 3 on-line services (requesting groceries, arranging house maintenance, ordering food, shopping on-line) 
  • Is there a Payment Deadline for any of the Pouch Services?
       Yes, for any service provided, your payment MUST be done prior to your visit or at the time of your visit please. 
       We highly recommend to book your services with at least 2 weeks in advance, and please remember that your payment        must be done in advance as it is the only way we can confirm you will receive the service requested.
       Cancellations apply only with a 50% reimbursement.

    Important Additional Information


    You must follow our enrollment process and comply with our liability waivers to receive any service from POUCH, please..


    Our Pouch personal assistant services  are available on Saturday only upon request.

    Our Pouch assistants are able to accept a gratuity in cash if you feel that you were extended exemplary service.


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